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Why is effective architecture so important in the society today?

Architecture is not a concept that must be understood solely by the wealthy and elite. Architecture is beneficial to people from all walks of life. Below are some of the reasons why it is important.

1. Health

Urban design and architecture may impact our health in various ways. First, it influences our physical activities. Do you want to cycle or walk as a regular mode of transportation? Choosing to walk can prevent many medical problems including diabetes and cardio vascular diseases. Second, great architecture can lessen the health issues of employees. It contributes to wonderful, harmonious workspace.

2. The Environment

Human population worldwide is growing rapidly. This means that our environment is also urbanizing. This is a huge challenge for both the environment and humanity. For architects, this is a challenge that presents various opportunities for sustainable architecture. At present, many architecture firms in Malaysia are researching and planning advancements towards energy efficiency and sustainability.

3. Culture

Architecture contributes a lot to a country’s culture and society.

4. Identity

How a place is regarded and perceived globally comes down to culture, environment and physical environment. Architecture can give a city a positive identity that can deliver high levels of international business, scientific research collaboration and tourism.