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Some of the Best Autumn Watches Worth Buying Right Now

It is always a great idea to have more than one watch in your collection because one may not suffice for everything that you are going to do.

For example, an automatic watch, let alone a dress watch, might be perfect for formal occasions, but it may not be the most ideal if you have a more active lifestyle.

When choosing a watch, there are many things to consider. Think about the size, simplicity, and the watch movement.

Although there are watches out there that have completely intricate designs, I would argue that you should always choose one with a simpler looking watch face.

In today’s article, I will talk about some of the best autumn watches that are worth buying right now.

Seiko Premier Watch

The first one on the list is from a highly-reputable Japanese watchmaking company, Seiko. The Seiko Premier is inspired by neo classical architecture in that it has a refined look with some modern flair.

Its simplicity is not too eye-catching, which makes it perfect for formal events as it doesn’t take the eyes of the people talking to you away from you and on to your watch.

Greyhours Vision Shine Carbon

I always love black and that is because it is more suave-looking than any other watch color out there. That being said, the Vision Shine Carbon from Greyhours is a really good one and is the right timepiece for watch purists out there.

It’s got a predominantly black exterior with white accents for the minute, hour, and second hands. The strap is black and so is the watch face. It also has two sub-dials as well.

Its aesthetics is really great for a more masculine look.

Vincero Chrono S Watch

Although I would advocate for the simpler and minimalistic style, one cannot argue the looks of the Vincero Chrono S Watch.

The watch has an opaque black watch face and it also comes with rose gold hands and white accents.

It comes in a black leather strap and it goes perfectly well with the watch face- making you look more suave and smooth.

Greyhours Vision Classic Gold Watch

Another watch from Greyhours, this time, it has a more classic look and design. It’s got a gold-coated casing and a pure white watch face; a stark contrast with the previous recommendation.

It also has a black French lambskin strap that looks stylish and elegant and the material will not irritate the wearer’s wrist at all.

The gold-coated casing really accentuates the entire look of the watch and this timepiece is ideal for formal occasions.

Timex Weekender Fairfield Watch

Timex is another reputable watchmaking company. Although they do not really sell luxury watches, they actually sell watches that are quite affordable yet still look really great for the price.

The Timex Weekender Fairfield watch is simple and one of its great features is that you can change the watch’s strap quickly and easily so you can swap it either for a more elegant look or for a much rougher use-case.