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Some Key Points that Beginners Should Know About Web Hosting

We now live in a world where having an online presence can really help you succeed in life. We all have these social media platforms that would allow us to sell stuff online. We can also create blogs to establish our audience base and we can even create an ecommerce website as well.

That being said, a website would require a host for it to be visible in the online realm that is why you will need the services of a top hosting provider.

But, if you are still new to this, you might not know some things about it. In fact, I am willing to bet that you do not even know before reading this article that you need a host just to have your website be accessible online.
In this article, I will discuss some key points that you should know about web hosting.

‘Free’ Web Hosting is a Myth

When you search for the best hosting companies out there, you might find that you need to spend a little bit of money just to acquire their services. But, during your quest, you’ve also found some hosts that are free.
Well, free web hosting services, believe it or not, is actually not ‘free’. You see, the basic principle of web hosting is that companies would buy a lot of server computers that they put in data centers which is a facility that serves as the primary environment for these servers to operate indefinitely.
That being said, these computers are expensive to maintain, which is why those free hosting services would require money just to do that.

Of course, they will say that their service is free because they want to entice you to sign up, but when you read the fine print, you will find that they will post some ads on your website as a means of upkeep.
That is where the problem lies. Although posting some ads is not really a bad thing, per se, it is bad if you do not have control over what type of ads are being placed on your website.

Google values websites that provide the best possible user experience and the problem with free hosting services is that they usually place pop-up ads, which are the most annoying types of online ads out there. What’s worse is that your audience would have to click about 2-3 of them before they can reach your website, which is something that deters them from completing the task.

So if anything, your best bet would be to go for a paid solution. Do not worry because the industry is quite competitive and companies are making sure that they provide you with the best possible features for a relatively low price.

Understand Bandwidth and Disk Space

Two of the main features that hosting companies provide you are Bandwidth and Disk Space. The latter refers to the amount of inbound and outbound data coming to and from your website, respectively, and the latter refers to the space they give you to store all of your website’s files.
It is important that you do not fall into the trap of believing that they offer ‘unlimited’ bandwidth, especially if you are going to get a shared hosting plan.