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How Casinos Can Track Everything You Do by Using Rewards Programs

You are probably planning to go to some live casinos in Malaysia and you might be thinking about the Ocean’s Eleven movie you watched prior to going there. The movie depicts some form of casino cheating, so you’re thinking to yourself how casinos in this day and age track cheating in the premises.

Now, you might be thinking the that the way for gambling institutions to track cheating and other illegal gambling activities would be to rely on the many different cameras that are spread out across the casino, right? Well, that is just part of the equation.

Casinos actually use a more elaborate approach to help track everything that you do inside- rewards programs.

How Casino Rewards Can Track Your Every Movement

Whenever you go to a casino like the MGM Resorts International, for example, they will usually give you loyalty cards that will allow the institution to track your habits and to also get a glimpse of your preferences. This will then help them entice you to play for a lot longer. In addition, the rewards program is tailor-made in a way that helps entice players to come back more often (and thus, spend more money on the casino’s cause).

Such loyalty cards would provide some useful information back to the house such as the games that you usually play (and how often), how much you spend on these games, and what type of food and drinks you usually purchase while you play.

How Does It Work?

Once you enroll in a casino’s loyalty and rewards program, you will be given a particular card that you can swipe within the institution. You can swipe the card in tables and machines and this is a convenient way to gamble without wagering tickets, bills, or coins.

Every time you swipe the card, it will relay some important information to the casino’s management about exactly where you are, how much you are planning to bet on specific games (and how much you are willing to lose), and it can even provide them with intricate information such as how quickly you press the slot machine’s different buttons (especially useful if the player is known to follow certain in-game rituals).

Because loyalty rewards cards can track your every movement, you might be surprised that a person will give you your favorite food and drink as a complementary measure since you are spending quite a lot of money in the establishment.

How Casinos Entice People to Stay

Because casinos want you to spend a lot of time in their institution, they will usually give incentives to their customers so that it will entice them to stick to their loyalty rewards programs.

The casinos will usually give their customers discounted nights at their hotels (some would even give some nights for free), give you free drinks, valet parking, and there are also some that will provide you with some points that you can use in future games as well.

Because of the fact that the casinos can track the players’ movements, some gamblers went on to sue these institutions simply because it has helped fuel their gambling addiction.

Although these cards can certainly help track your gambling habits, casinos swear that they do not track your sensitive information and the mechanisms are primarily used as a means to entice you to spend more money.

Be that as it may, loyalty rewards cards are used for that purpose.