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Choosing the Best eCommerce Hosting for Your Small Business

1. Hosting needs

How to make money online in Malaysia? Well, you need to know your goals, and from there, take note of all your web hosting needs. Running an online business is different from maintaining a personal blog. There are quite a lot of features to take note of. Before finalizing the deal with a web host, push everything aside, and check what you really need.

2. Uptime and server reliability

Nothing is more crucial than working with a hosting provider that can attend to your needs 24/7.

After all, your clients and visitors may come from time zones all over the entire world. Don’t settle for a company that offers an uptime that is below 99.95%. Moreover, to ensure server reliability, track their server monitoring tools.

3. Renewal and Sign up price

Are you a beginner? Then, shared hosting is the best option for you. That is usually the cheapest set up.

However, you need to be aware that these services have higher renewal prices. That is the norm in the web hosting industry. There is no way to avoid this, unless you are willing to jump from 1 to 3 website hosts every 2 years.

4. e-Commerce Features

Good ecommerce hosting is not just about keeping the website up and running for visitors. You should have all the important features you need to maximize your online presence, and gain more profit. Do you need a shopping cart feature? Do you want to process confidential transactions on your platform? Would you require technical support? If yes, pick a web host offering effective ecommerce features, from dedicated IP and SSL certification to one-click shopping cart installation.

5. Server Upgrade Options

There are many types of hosting services available–dedicated, VPS, shared and cloud hosting.

As a beginner, you may go for shared hosting. However, soon, your needs will change and evolve. Do you expect your ecommerce website to grow fast? Consider choosing a dedicated or VPS server for more processing power, memory, security features and disk storage.