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5 Fab to Do in Malacca for People on a Budget

Malacca or Melaka is a Malaysian city that has been deemed by UNESCO as one of the World’s heritage sites. That is because of the rich history of the place as Malaysia has been colonized by European countries back in the day.

It is a more laid back city than Kuala Lumpur but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of things to do here. Actually, that is far from it. If you have the money and the time, there are a lot of things to explore in this city.

So today, I am going to be talking about some fab things you can do in Malacca for people that are on a budget. And, did you know that there are girl escort services that you can avail at an inexpensive price as well?


Malaysia has been colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British back in the day and although the country has enjoyed its freedom ever since, there are still some buildings that were built before that still stand to this day.

That being said, A’Famosa Fort is definitely one of them. Most of the old buildings have been renovated in such a way to replace some of the materials to keep the buildings standing.

Here, you will find many Dutch colonial buildings that are old but there are some that have been repainted again. This is definitely something that you’d want to visit if you are in Melaka.

Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Just like in Kuala Lumpur, there is no shortage of food stalls and restaurants that you can find in Melaka. In fact, you can head to Jonker Street at night to find your fill of some of the most amazing Asian-inspired dishes in the world.

Just by venturing in this famous street, you will find out why Malaysia is known as a cultural melting pot because the foods, as well as the architecture, have been influenced by its neighboring Asian countries.

Relax and Sip Some Coffee

As a travel blogger, I always want to write my blog posts inside cafes that just have enough noise and offer some amazing snacks and coffee.

That being said, you can find plenty of specialty cafes in Melaka as well. You can go to Backlane Café which serves up some amazing smoothie bowls and some hot coffee on the side too.

Ride One of the Colorful Tuk Tuks

Whether you’re in the Dutch Square or just about any part of the metro, you can find a lot of those colorful Tuk Tuks which motorbike or bike rides with colorful passenger attachments.

The beauty of these things is that not only will they be able to deliver you where you want to be but they also come in many different designs as well. And oh, if you asked, I went with a Pokemon-inspired Tuk Tuk.

Relax on a Cruise

One last fabulous thing that you can do in the city is to ride one of those river cruises. This 45-minute river cruise will take you along Melaka River and during the course of the trip, you will find plenty of houses that are covered in many forms of Malay art.