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5 Beautiful Midcentury Australian Homes

Are you working on a new home design project? You may want to look into Midcentury Australian homes as inspiration. Several professional from top architecture firms in Malaysia believe that getting inspiration from other residential establishments would be helpful for you. Below are some of the homes you can look into.

The River House

The River House is an innovate home designed back in 1955. This home is only visible during winder due to the dense foliage around. This specific story A-frame was made from exposed steel. Back in the 1950s, it was considered as an experimental product.

The Round House

The Round House was built around 1957, and is considered as Canberra’s most important postwar international-style establishments. It was designed with circular frames which radiate from the central pool to form many rooms. This residential building is one of the first ones you must look into if you want to achieve the vibe of a modern home.

Rose Seidler House

Australian homes area beautiful, and you can use them as inspiration for your own residential property, wherever you are in the world. The Rose Seidler House has a playroom that connects to the living room, and an awesome courtyard externally connects them. It brings about a sense of openness that is important to contemporary living.

The Fenner House

The Fenner House was designed by Robin Boyd back in 1952. It has an “H” shape, and was laid out in accordance to that time of day accompanying sunlight. When you turn at the glass entrance, you will end up on a north-facing dining room, living room, laundry and kitchen that cater to many daytime activities.

The Audette House

Peter Muller is a reputable Australian midcentury architect with brilliant ideas. In 1953, he designed the Audette House with Frank Lloyd Wright in mind, as well as his material choices honoring the Australian surroundings.