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4 Major E-Commerce Tips that Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Store

Did you know that good customer service is one thing that makes your customers keep coming back to your store? According to a survey, 66% of the respondents say that they will go back to a particular store they get a pretty good service. Another survey pointed out that the vast majority of people would not hesitate to pay a lot more than they should if it means that they are going to get pretty good customer service.

That being said, there are certain things that you must implement in order for your customers to keep coming back to your e-commerce website. Here are some tips:

Employ a Multi-Faceted Approach

Part of good customer service is the fact that they can easily reach out to the business owner as they may have concerns and questions regarding your products.

For you to be able to give this kind of support, you may want to look into the omnichannel customer engagement support. One of its implementations is the Live Chat.

The Live Chat- the feature that allows your customers to interact with a real person as opposed to an AI chatbot, is quite important. They want to know exactly what your products are all about and if they have certain queries, they want answers that are specific to their cases.

Employing this multi-faceted approach is the first step in helping to entice your existing consumers to become your repeat customers.

Provide a Customer Loyalty Package

I get it, you want your new customers to sign up for an account so that you can provide much better services when they get back, but according to a lot of surveys, people actually do not want to do that.

There are some that just want to go on an online store, find out what they want to purchase, and then head to the checkout without having to fill up so many different forms that ask way too much information.

You can implement guest checkouts to cater to these people, but this article revolves around how you can keep your customers to keep coming back to your store, right?

Well, you can provide them with a customer loyalty package. You want your customers to sign up to your website, right? Then, give them a reason to do so by providing loyalty rewards.

If the vast majority of your new customers do not want to sign up for an account, then what you can do (still) is to just give them the incentive to sign up, but only after having their items checked out.

Check Your Website’s Analytics

Looking at your e-commerce analytics is important because it provides you with some useful information to help you improve your business.

For example, you can look at your site’s heatmaps so that you will know which part of your site do people go to the most. Then, examine why this part of your page is more popular than the others then apply those principles to your other pages as well.

Fast and Effective Delivery System

When people buy things online, they expect the items that they’ve purchased to actually arrive at their doorstep. You have to make sure that you partner up with a logistics and delivery company that will help ensure that these products get delivered to the right people.

This is especially true if you have your customers shoulder the shipping costs. You also want to deliver those products in a short amount of time as possible.