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15 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 201

There are so many ways you can generate more traffic to your website of ecommerce website development. Here are just some of them:
Find the Right Keywords
The use of the right keywords is mandatory if you want to have more organic traffic driven to your website. You can use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword

Planner or Keywords Everywhere to help you find such terms.

You would want to use keywords that have a relatively high search volume. Then, when you’ve established your website to a considerable degree, you can then start using high-volume keywords.

Remove Outdated Content from Your Website

You want your website to contain up to date information because of two things. One, fresh new content is always good in the eyes of search engine bots and two, up to date content is something that your visitors would want to read.

See What Your Competitors Are Doing

Although it should come as no surprise to look at your competitors when launching a website, what I am actually referring to is something a little different.

Use the free Alexa tool and then use it to key in your main competitor’s website. Then, scroll down to “Upstream Sites” and then you will see a list of websites that were visited first before people go to your competitor’s website.

If it is a social media site like Facebook, you may want to focus on more on getting Facebook ads. If Google is the main website of choice, then go for Google Ads, and so on.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is actually a great platform to promote your website. Create YouTube ads for starters and create a channel for your own webpage. Next, you want to create video content that highlights some of the information that is already on your website and ask your viewers to like, share, and subscribe to your channel.

Email Marketing

This is a great way for you to keep enticing people to visit your website. Use templates for opt-in emails and keep the users engaged.

Pinterest as a Marketing Platform

Did you know that Pinterest can actually help you promote your website? By pinning the things that are found on your blog or website a couple of times per week, you will always get more traffic because of it.
Submit Your Website to Search Engines

Reach Out to Influencers

There are plenty of them that you can find on social media sites so be sure to be on the lookout.

Answer Questions

Go to sites like Quora and Medium and provide answers to queries that pertain to your niche.

Leave Comments

Go to Yahoo Answers! And do the same there as well.
Collaborate with Other Websites

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Such long-tail keywords feel more natural to the user which is why it is most likely the terms they use in searching for a particular website.


Be a Guest Blogger
Do this especially on niche sites like yours.
Add a Community Section on Your Website
Adding a forum section to your website sparks discussions which will invariably lead to more site traffic.

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